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Express Cleaning Services, we are a small but passionate cleaning company. Our aim is to please our customers, therefore we do not tell you what to do, you tell us what you want.

What we do is keep things simple, and our cleaning crew are happy and honest. We are small fish in a big pond of cleaning companies, but what we do we do it with passion and total commitment such that you never have to complain about us.

Our aim is doing it right every time and on time, and that is what our existing clients can say about us. Your perfection is our perfection; this means we continue to work with you until you are completely satisfied.

Our cleaners are completely in touch with the demands of facilities managers. So if you are looking for a totally focused cleaning company that listens to your demands Express Cleaning Services is your solution.

Types Of Cleaning Services We Offer:

What we offer
Office cleaning

Commercial cleaning

Affordable lawn care

Post construction cleaning

Move in/out cleaning
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